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Design by choosing alternative materials: the intervention at Made Expo by architect Alessandro Rogora, Dastu Department (architecture and urban studies) Professor in Politecnico di Milano, starts from here. Among the first to experience, as a student, with Gianni Shield who founded the laboratory of technologies easier, today he makes young people experience the “use of materials of which they know nothing to test.” That means working with bamboo, earth, recycled materials. We are talking about enclosures and buildings for countries in difficulty. One experiences with ogival domes, building with alternative materials, straws or pasta.

“Many materials are discarded but they are secondary performance reusable. For example tetrapak has good thermal performance”, architect explains. The aim of the work is the construction of a building with several elements, designing with new forms, facilitate technologies and recovery materials.

An interesting example is Stone project made in Legnano. The tradition, the concrete, meets “others” materials, for example tires and wood carved from a demolition, paper. It is an experimental project which will monitor Politecnico students for 18 months. Or the redevelopment of the former thermal Central Leisure Centre of Chivasso with the goal of designing a building with high quality. Systems have been tested to reduce consumption, the perforations for heat pumps, passive systems, photovoltaic roofing and insulating systems used infrared light outside the building. The goal is a building that consumes 80% less.

What about the future? Buildings designed with recycled materials, alternative, recovery, will enhance recover more than they produce.

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